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Office 20XX applications crashing in Xenapp6? clipboard may be to blame…

A problem I’ve seen was office applications crashing in xenapp 6 which runs on windows 2008 R2…

Nothing seemed to work, and the office apps were crashing with a seemingly random list of causes, even excluding DEP on the office binaries didn’t work.

After a bit of debugs with Microsoft they gave me a private fix for what looked to be a clipboard issue. The private hotfix worked, and will be released on the 15th/16th of June.

For those of you having issues with office apps (and maybe others crashing) on Xenapp6 or R2 this may help.

Article name is 2541119 and KB article (at the time of writing is not yet up on the MS site) will be here:


Update this is now out:

Some applications may crash on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This issue usually occurs when you use the following applications:

  • Windows Explorer
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Windows Movie Maker


This issue occurs because of a known issue in Ole32.dll. When certain applications implement the IEnumFORMATETC interface but do not implement the IEnumFORMATETC::Next() function correctly, Ole32.dll adds a malformed data structure to the system clipboard. When another process queries the Clipboard later, the processes may receive this malformed data structure. Therefore, heap corruption occurs in this process.


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