XenApp and other things Xen

Xenapp 6.5 out

This is pretty old news by now, but some of the features are over here:

– improvements to HDX: this means more types of flash content can be rendered locally, and hopefully cache a bit better. Of course you still need to be running a Windows based client to make use of these optimisations. Terminals, such as the Wyse S10 do not make use of it due to the limited client.

– Multi-stream ICA: this is  a big one. ICA can now be split out into 4 distinct streams

Very High  High Medium Low
Audio ThinWire/DX Command Remoting MediaStream (Windows Media and Flash) Printing
Seamless USB Redirection COM Port Mapping
MSFT TS Licensing Clipboard LPT Port Mapping
SmartCard Redirection Client Drive Mapping Legacy OEM Virtual Channels
Control Virtual Channel
End User Experience Monitoring

This means if you didn’t have a Citrix Branch repeater you didn’t have many (if any) options for splitting up the various channels within an ICA stream for QoS.

So if I ran QoS on my network links, i could only push ICA up the priority list, but then it would effect ALL ICA channels, including printing.

Now, admins can split it out and put printing where it belongs, looowww down the list.

More information here on multi-stream


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