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PVS storage options

Here’s an easy to follow list on the different methods for designing a vdisk store for PVS infrastructure


Windows file sharing is used to deploy images to provisioning servers. For HA of file servers, set up a fail over cluster. One image repository. Requires shared storage.

Benefits One LUN is shared between clustered file servers, no double up of images. no annoying image management (see server based and read only). Images read/write to

Cons Network based, could be limitations on network speeds.

Should be tuned, see this link http://www.jackcobben.nl/?p=2032

2) Block level

A LUN from shared storage is presented to PVS servers, used as a single repository for servers. Servers can read and write. Requires proprietary technology to allow for read/write on shared LUN with Windows. Requires shared storage.

Benefits No additional file servers. Images can be written/read to. No annoying image management.

Cons 3rd party technology required such as MelioFS http://www.sanbolic.com/meliofs.htm


3) Per server

Each PVS server has its own image repository disk attached. Does not require shared storage.

Benefits Simple

Cons Must copy images between servers after one image has been updated. Double up on storage size requirements if using 2 servers, if using 3 servers, triple storage size etc etc.

Scripts can always be used to mitigate some of the image management pain points

4) Read only store

Single storage location, and read only. Requires shared storage.

Benefits one place to store your vdisk

Cons Can’t update images easily, mucking about making volume non read only



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