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Storefront 1.2 support for Offline applications is lacking

I’m pretty new to Storefront, and have been playing with it a bit recently. There was one thing which came up that I thought I should mention:

Storefront has poor support for Offline apps. For some people that just doesn’t matter, but for those that do, you should be aware that only the “Store” supports offline apps.

PNAgent aka Legacy support in Storefront does not support offline apps, nor does the WI replacement “Receiver for Web sites”.

IMO that sucks 🙂

Back to running up WI and Storefront!


How to get Pnagent working with Storefront 1.2

Install Storefront, and configure your initial store (I recommend using a cert as this makes it easier later), to get that going follow this:


Once you have Storefront installed, go to Authentication and add Domain pass-through.

Then go down to Stores, select your Store and on the right hand Action panel, select Configure legacy support.

Now in windows explorer, go into C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storename\Views\PnaConfig    folder and make a copy of config.aspx. Edit the original with notepad





and remove the


So at this point it should look something like this:


That’s it for the Storefront side of things. Also check out this article here on how to configure the Receiver 3.3 Enterprise client with PNagent https://xentraveller.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/configuring-citrix-receiver-3-3-client-for-pnagent-functionality-via-command-line/

Citrix pnagent command line switches

Spotted this over here, the switches are:

/Terminate Closes out PNAgent and any open sessions
/terminatewait  Closes out PNAgent and any open sessions
/Configurl  /param:URL  (useful if you haven’t set up the client as part of the install)
/qlaunch  (syntax example   C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client> pnagent.exe /Qlaunch “Farm1:Calc”)
NOTE: this list has been depreciated with the later versions of Citrix Receiver 3.3. Those switches can be found here
To configure via command line for PNagent and Receiver 3.3 enterprise have a look here