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Adjust font size in Windows 2008 R2/XenApp

It’s seems it’s not so easy to do, however this tool will do it on a user by user basis

http://www.markprigg.com/    Remote Desktop Font Size Changing Tool



Citrix optimisations for Windows 2008 R2 server with XenApp 6/6.5

Citrix consulting have put together a large list of tweaks to help speed up and remove some hassles from Windows 2008 R2 with XenApp


Xenapp 6 STILL hanging after deploying recommended fixes?

NLAsvc timeouts in XenApp 6? Users can’t log in? users can’t log out? CryptSvc service timeouts?

“The winlogon notification subscriber <Sens> is taking long time to handle the notification event (Logoff)” messages?

Take a look at this hotfix http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129741

contains many fixes in one package. However, applying this hotfix alone will not sort out the hanging issues.

You should also follow this step:

7. A session can be terminated before the first application launches. The issue can occur when a one-minute time-out is exceeded, for example, when the profile share is located across a WAN link rather than on a local share.

This fix introduces support for the following registry key that allows you to configure the time-out as follows:

Name: ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS
Data: <desired additional time-out, in milliseconds>

Note: Specifying a value of less than 10000 reverts to 10000 because 10 seconds is the minimum override.


In this case, I was instructed to increase the value up to 300000 by support, and have not had any further hanging issues in xenapp 6/remote desktop since. Hurrah!

Office 2007 – roaming profiles and customising the quick access toolbar

It seems that the quick access toolbar was not designed to roam around with users, which can be annoying if they like to get their customisations on…

For those that are unsure what I’m on about, here’s a non customised word 2007

and a customised word 2007

Some customisations

The customisations (.qat files) are not stored in the roaming part of the profile, but instead, in the local part which means it won’t work when roaming.

I found a good blog over here that describes the problem, and the solution which involves a custom group policy that enables the feature in roaming profiles.