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Wyse s10 published application not displaying right? v7.0.113 needs updating

Something that’s been noted is older vb6 published apps (there may be others) aren’t displaying in the taskbar on some s10 terminals running v7.0.113 of the firmware.

This means users can’t view apps when they are minimised as there is no way to select the said app again. Note: this is running the “Classic desktop”.

Wyse have released a newer version of their 7 firmware for the s10 line that fixes this issue. Keep in mind that you cannot rollback to a 6 firmware once any version 7 has been deployed. The version that fixed it for us was 7.0.217.




Wyse S10 – an aging terminal

I’ve been dealing a lot Wyse S10 terminals, and have noted that not everything I would like is supported on the platform anymore.

After looking at a few issues with sessions, I had investigated updating the firmware to the lastest and greatest version (7.01 at the time of writing).

The readme contains a few key points though, that highlighted some of the limitations:

1) Net boot for S10 without flash

The size of the firmware has outgrown
the available storage on the S10 with
0 flash memory. This means that the
S10 will ALWAYS have its firmware
streamed and this requires access to
an FTP, HTTP or HTTPS server to boot.
Without the server, the S10 will not

2) Improved Real-time for lower bandwidth over the WAN

Not Available

3) Improved Flash performance

Not Available

4) RDP 7 Compatible client Multimedia re-direction support

Not Available

5) Native Bi-directional Audio

Not Available

6) Improved Audio quality

Not Available

7) Advanced Monitor Support Support Monitors of different resolutions

Not Available

8) Improved drawing speed

Not Available

Of course, I could be a bit harsh as they are relatively inexpensive terminals and seem to do the job of running ICA ok (providing you aren’t trying to do HDX flash improvements) … cheap and cheerful as they say.