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Complete list of Microsoft hotfixes for Windows 2008 R2 Remote desktop

Located here:


Note they don’t recommend you proactively apply the patches, rather, apply on a case by case basis.


Multi-monitor shadowing fail on Windows 2008 R2?

This is “by design”, check out this link

Xenapp 6.5 out

This is pretty old news by now, but some of the features are over here:

– improvements to HDX: this means more types of flash content can be rendered locally, and hopefully cache a bit better. Of course you still need to be running a Windows based client to make use of these optimisations. Terminals, such as the Wyse S10 do not make use of it due to the limited client.

– Multi-stream ICA: this is  a big one. ICA can now be split out into 4 distinct streams

Very High  High Medium Low
Audio ThinWire/DX Command Remoting MediaStream (Windows Media and Flash) Printing
Seamless USB Redirection COM Port Mapping
MSFT TS Licensing Clipboard LPT Port Mapping
SmartCard Redirection Client Drive Mapping Legacy OEM Virtual Channels
Control Virtual Channel
End User Experience Monitoring

This means if you didn’t have a Citrix Branch repeater you didn’t have many (if any) options for splitting up the various channels within an ICA stream for QoS.

So if I ran QoS on my network links, i could only push ICA up the priority list, but then it would effect ALL ICA channels, including printing.

Now, admins can split it out and put printing where it belongs, looowww down the list.

More information here on multi-stream

Citrix pnagent command line switches

Spotted this over here, the switches are:

/Terminate Closes out PNAgent and any open sessions
/terminatewait  Closes out PNAgent and any open sessions
/Configurl  /param:URL  (useful if you haven’t set up the client as part of the install)
/qlaunch  (syntax example   C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client> pnagent.exe /Qlaunch “Farm1:Calc”)
NOTE: this list has been depreciated with the later versions of Citrix Receiver 3.3. Those switches can be found here
To configure via command line for PNagent and Receiver 3.3 enterprise have a look here

Xenapp 6 STILL hanging after deploying recommended fixes?

NLAsvc timeouts in XenApp 6? Users can’t log in? users can’t log out? CryptSvc service timeouts?

“The winlogon notification subscriber <Sens> is taking long time to handle the notification event (Logoff)” messages?

Take a look at this hotfix http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129741

contains many fixes in one package. However, applying this hotfix alone will not sort out the hanging issues.

You should also follow this step:

7. A session can be terminated before the first application launches. The issue can occur when a one-minute time-out is exceeded, for example, when the profile share is located across a WAN link rather than on a local share.

This fix introduces support for the following registry key that allows you to configure the time-out as follows:

Name: ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS
Data: <desired additional time-out, in milliseconds>

Note: Specifying a value of less than 10000 reverts to 10000 because 10 seconds is the minimum override.


In this case, I was instructed to increase the value up to 300000 by support, and have not had any further hanging issues in xenapp 6/remote desktop since. Hurrah!

Citrix recommended hotfixes for Xenapp 6 and Windows 2008 R2

Here’s a comprehensive list of fixes that Citrix has published for the Xenapp6 and Windows 2008 R2 products.
A particular problem we found after updating to R2 SP1 was the server became unresponsive, and had a lot of these:
A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the NlaSvc service.

This is addressed in

and was in the recommended hotfixes.

Wyse s10 published application not displaying right? v7.0.113 needs updating

Something that’s been noted is older vb6 published apps (there may be others) aren’t displaying in the taskbar on some s10 terminals running v7.0.113 of the firmware.

This means users can’t view apps when they are minimised as there is no way to select the said app again. Note: this is running the “Classic desktop”.

Wyse have released a newer version of their 7 firmware for the s10 line that fixes this issue. Keep in mind that you cannot rollback to a 6 firmware once any version 7 has been deployed. The version that fixed it for us was 7.0.217.



Xencenter 5.6 “Preparing to Import VM” issues?

I’ve been playing around with Xenserver 5.6 (unpatched) in a lab and found that when I run Xencenter 5.6 on a windows 7 64bit box it will not import VMs, in my case, the licensing pre-canned VM from Citrix.

It will just hang there after the storage section of the Import wizard “Preparing to Import VM”. As a work around I installed the console on a windows 2003 server and BAM it seemed to work great.

Office 20XX applications crashing in Xenapp6? clipboard may be to blame…

A problem I’ve seen was office applications crashing in xenapp 6 which runs on windows 2008 R2…

Nothing seemed to work, and the office apps were crashing with a seemingly random list of causes, even excluding DEP on the office binaries didn’t work.

After a bit of debugs with Microsoft they gave me a private fix for what looked to be a clipboard issue. The private hotfix worked, and will be released on the 15th/16th of June.

For those of you having issues with office apps (and maybe others crashing) on Xenapp6 or R2 this may help.

Article name is 2541119 and KB article (at the time of writing is not yet up on the MS site) will be here:


Update this is now out:

Some applications may crash on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This issue usually occurs when you use the following applications:

  • Windows Explorer
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Windows Movie Maker


This issue occurs because of a known issue in Ole32.dll. When certain applications implement the IEnumFORMATETC interface but do not implement the IEnumFORMATETC::Next() function correctly, Ole32.dll adds a malformed data structure to the system clipboard. When another process queries the Clipboard later, the processes may receive this malformed data structure. Therefore, heap corruption occurs in this process.

Office 2007 – roaming profiles and customising the quick access toolbar

It seems that the quick access toolbar was not designed to roam around with users, which can be annoying if they like to get their customisations on…

For those that are unsure what I’m on about, here’s a non customised word 2007

and a customised word 2007

Some customisations

The customisations (.qat files) are not stored in the roaming part of the profile, but instead, in the local part which means it won’t work when roaming.

I found a good blog over here that describes the problem, and the solution which involves a custom group policy that enables the feature in roaming profiles.